Heaven along the Nile

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It doesn’t get much better than this: the Royal Club Mohamed-Aly has the reputation of being the most stylish spot on the Nile, and with good reason. Amidst lush gardens overlooking the river’s eternal waters, you would be forgiven for imagining you had been transported back to a more genteel time: a time of cocktails by the pool, elegant lunch or dinner parties by the Nile shore, tranquil afternoon teas, and lavish celebrations. Strolling through the gardens, you will come across one of the country’s most important individual collections of memorabilia, much of it dating from the period of Egypt’s “liberal experiment” (1923-1936): royal portraits and historical documents, rare coins, antique carriages and vintage automobiles. You might pause for a moment’s reflection in one of the alcoves of the King Fouad Clubhouse, and gaze out through the latticework screen at the palm groves before returning to the garden and crossing Badi’a bridge for a romantic walk on the secluded Mahroussa Island. At Club Mohamed-Aly, the fine art of farniente is very much alive...

N.B: Royal Club M-A is open from 9 am to midnight, seven days a week. It may be closed partly or totally for private parties and special events.
Please consult this site periodically, and/or call 012-22113681 for membership, our upcoming events or your queries and reservations.

El Mahroussa Island

Cleopatra and Alexandria light house

Khedivial Yacht "Farida" - Authentic 19th century Steam Ship


Anwar Shaaban, Senegal said...

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comment faire pour y adhérer et quelles sont les conditions.

je souhaiterai plus d'images et de photos sur les activités du club et sur l'egypte du 19 siecle et debut du 20 siecle, le caire , alexandrie etc..

encore une fois felicitations

Maged Farag said...

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