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Nile parties

Pool parties

Setup by Ihab Shalabi.

Pack of Cards
By Madame Sosostris
Al Ahram Weekly - 6 - 12 May 1999

With a stroke of the charismatic Samih Sawiress's magic wand, the Gouna Beverage Company has expanded the horizons of those of you who will be wining and dining in their favourite little restaurants this summer. They will now be able to sample the world famous 600-year-old Löwenbreu beer, which normally hails from Munich, but which is now being made under licence in the famed El-Gouna resort on the Red Sea shores. It is not clear if this new beer will be bear the name of Löwenbreu-on-the-Nile or retain its original label, but what I can tell you from experience is that it tastes even better with the addition of the distilled waters of our legendary river.

Samih Sawiress, Manal & Sherif Mohi and Ihab Shalabi

For the faint-hearted among you who are not partial to the heavier German brew, however, Samih has thoughtfully prepared a lighter, purely Egyptian lager, Sakara Premium, which has hit the market at the same time as Löwenbreu. Not content with making beer, Samih is also producing red and white wine (a rosé is on the way), under the trademark of Obelisque, a fact vividly brought to the attention of the guests during the launching. And what a launching that was! I do hope that you have already visited the Mohamed Ali Club, whose distinguished members, contrary to established rumour, do not boast a royal pedigree. What they lack in nobility, however, they more than make up for in joie de vivre. If, like me, you are one of the in crowd, you will agree that there wasn't a better place to celebrate the event. Maged Farag, the club owner and chairman of its board, never afraid to overdo things, delighted the 1,500 invitees, all celebrities of course, with his habitual panache, although the presence of a real lion and its cub may have surprised those who were not entirely familiar with this exceptionally hospitable host's flights of imagination. Another interesting feature of the Gouna folly orchestrated by the beverage company was the variety of talents that performed in a setting worthy of the Thousand and One Nights. A German musical ensemble cheered Löwenbreu drinkers on, while popular Egyptian songs were being belted out by the pool to a shisha-smoking, Sakara-swilling audience, and a little further away, celebrated harpist Manal Mohieddin was caressing the hearts of the wine tasters. Firmly entrenched in the shisha corner, Ahmed Fouad Nigm whispered rustic verses into the attentive ears of a selected few.

Wedding parties

Am Aly, uniformed to drive the bride and groom aboard the jewel of the Club's vintage cars collection: The 1951 Bentley

Disco nights

Space Ibiza world tour
Summer 2001

One of the Ibiza superclubs is taking a few of their resident DJ's around the world on their upcoming world tour. Heading to travel through New Zealand, Miami, Washington, Cairo and Los Angeles, Space will be putting on a show that will definitely sell out around the world.

Tour dates:
- August 26th: Los Angeles, at the Mayan Club with Space resident David Moreno, in collaboration with Tribal Joy.
- September 8th: Auckland, New Zealand with David Moreno, Tania Vulkano and Oscar Colorado.
- September 13th: Miami, at the Opium Garden with dj's David Moreno, George Morel, Shawn Rudnick, Jim Reed and DJB.
- September 15th: Washington DC, at the Glow with dj's David Moreno and Kenediance.
- September 21st: Cairo, at the Royal Club Mohamed Aly with dj's Tania Vulkano and David Moreno.

A record: 4600 dancers, one dance-floor

Oriental bash

Welcoming Military Brass Band

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