"Sultan Hussein" Pool & Café

Pack of Cards
By Madame Sosostris
Al-Ahram Weekly - 8-14 June 2000

My good friend Maged Farag has launched his very popular summer programme and is inviting you to party at the Royal Club Mohamed Ali where he boasts that he can accommodate up to 4000 guests. Well I do not think that Maged means that all of them should turn up at once but to tell you the truth on hot days, I have often had the sneaky suspicion that they had done just that. Still, the gardens are so extensive, and the pool so large that no matter how crowded, one seems to always be able to find a little corner in which to relax with a good book, or watch the pretty white egrets dive for fish in the Nile.

Posted by Bob-i-Licious - Sun. 1 October 2006

Friday, A friend of mine invited me to go to a great place along the Nile, with swimming pool and palmtrees. As she described it, Heaven along the Nile. Fair enough. That was a Go. After a few taxi rides and subway discovery, we arrived at the Mohamed Aly’s Royal Club. Indeed a great place. And the landscape from the Nile was insane. We spent (with some other friends of me) the all afternoon there. Got burned, got wet and got happy.

Michaela Cabrera, The Daily Star, July 15, 2006

If you’re up for a 45-minute taxi ride to Giza, you can enjoy a warm day in the classy Mohamed Ali Club. Reminiscent of colonial days wherein English officers took their afternoon tea and read novels by the Nile, this Giza oasis is romantic and relaxing.

Guests have access to the large two-level pool, a museum that houses art and artifacts from the khedive period and an exhibit featuring a collection of vintage cars. But the club’s main attraction is its location right by the Nile, in view of sailing feluccas and fishermen seeking an afternoon catch. Women can swim freely in string bikinis and lounge by the pool’s cascades without disapproving looks from Arab tourists and conservative locals. Amidst palm trees in a well-manicured lawn, guests can enjoy meals from a menu serving pasta, pizza, barbeques and burgers.

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